Notre Dame Scandal

If you somehow missed the news, the University of Notre Dame has invited President Barack Obama to give their commencement speech this year.  On top of that, they are awarding Pres. Obama an honorary law degree.

OUCH!   Why is a supposedly Catholic school bestowing high honors on a man that holds a viewpoint diametrically opposed to that of the Catholic Church on a key moral issue (and indeed against natural law and common sense)?

This could be a key battle for the future of life issues, and even more so against the Catholic universities in our country that have so badly watered down and even betrayed their Catholic identity.

Please sign the petition protesting Notre Dame’s actions here.

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3 Responses to “Notre Dame Scandal”

  1. irish 93 Says:

    None of today’s “outraged” protesters had much to say when pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-torture Condoleezza Rice spoke at Notre Dame’s commencement. At least President Obama agrees with the Catholic Church on most of these issues.

    Support the University’s decision. Sign the petition:


  2. vicardwm Says:

    Well, there are several distinctions to make here:

    1) Condi had no ability in her position to affect domestic policy on abortion/ESCR. Obama, meanwhile, has actually affected abortion and ESCR policy, much for the worse.

    2) Obama is rabidly pro-abortion, while Condi seems to be quiet and more moderate in her pro-choice views.

    3) Death penalty and war are not intrinsic evils. The phrase “pro-war” is so vague as to be meaningless. If “pro-war’ means that there are cases where a war is justified, then I guess I am pro-war.

    4) Torture, while being a definite evil, does not affect even 0.1% of the number of people that abortion kills.

    5) Many/most who are protesting Obama’s visit would have also protested Condi, had they known about it.

  3. Charrosh Says:

    I was shocked to see they had invited him to give the commencement speech too! I guess it’s their right to invite whoever they want but I don’t understand their thinking behind it?

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